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Food, water & ecology

Imagine feeling like you’re part of a community and having more time to spend in a natural environment. Picture yourself eating organic, locally grown food that hasn’t cost the Earth to produce.

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Peak oil and gas require our energy intensive way of life to change. This means using much less energy and being increasingly innovative in how we create it. But the vision of a future without fossil fuels and nuclear can be a happy one.

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Transport accounts for 37% of all energy consumed in the UK. But it’s no surprise when you consider there are more than 32 million vehicles on the road. The challenges ahead call for a genuine transport revolution.

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With homelessness still a major problem in Birmingham, and hundreds of citizens forced to sleep on the city streets, the least we should be demanding is a home for every person.

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Health and wellbeing

When it comes to good health most people would agree that prevention is better than cure. And there is an increasing body of evidence to suggest that we could improve mental and physical health with more trees and green spaces.

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Waste management

Imagine a society without waste. Picture a city without giant landfills and polluting incinerators. This isn’t a pipedream; it’s achievable. And it would be the hallmark of a city truly making progress.

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Governance & culture

In transitioning to a post-carbon society there is both a need and a genuine opportunity to improve democratic decision making in Birmingham. Subsidiarity and co-operative arrangements offer hope for a more empowering local politics.

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Open source technology offers us social and technological autonomy; increasing resilience while ensuring we're no longer beholden to corporations. Resilience can also be improved by challenging the inbuilt obsolesence of many technologies.

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A year in the life of a forest garden

Last November a group of more than 20 volunteers started to plant out what will eventually become Birmingham's largest cultivated...

Simbi Folarin

Meet the grassroots initiatives using education to transform Birmingham

Grass roots campaigner and social entrepeneur Simbi Folarin talks to Bioregion Birmingham about her social transformation projects. Hi Simbi. Could...

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